Eating and drinking at Kaya Mawa is a wonderfully unique and memorable experience.


Start your day by having fresh Malawian coffee and homemade biscuits delivered to your bedroom porch - sip in silence and soak up the soft morning sun, with only the occasional inquisitive bird or gecko to interrupt you. Then stroll barefoot across the sand to our beachfront restaurant – where sand meets rocky outcrop – to indulge in fresh fruit salad, homemade toasted muesli, warm muffins, and delicious eggs benedict.


At Kaya Mawa, we take great care in selecting a variety of unusual and beautiful dining spots – there are baobab trees for romance, high-up view points for afternoon tea and relaxed candlelit beach dinners. And if you have a special request, simply tell us your perfect dining spot and we’ll make it happen.


Our award nominated chef and local teams take great pride in taking Malawian cuisine to another level, only using the freshest and most seasonal ingredients - many of which grow on our own fair shores – to produce interesting and tasty menus. Always served with a famous Malawian smile of course.