Environmental and Social Initiatives:


“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.” ~ Disraeli


At Latitude, we recognize our mandate and our obligation includes not just owning and operating superior hospitality venues, but smartly integrating into the landscape that we call home.


By using local designers and construction teams our social responsibility starts right from conceptualization. We then select suppliers who share our core principles of ethical operations, by sourcing their materials and crafts locally. For example, at Latitude 13° we’ve used reclaimed materials from local tobacco sifters and cleverly brushed and recycled them into lounge tables and a contemporary reception desk. Partners such as Jackal and Hide in Zambia (www.jackalandhide.com) and Katundu Textiles in Malawi  (www.katundu.net), both embrace green agendas of their own by hiring locally, operating strict recycling policies, and supporting the indigenous communities.


Socially, to enhance the development of local economies, Latitude’s hiring policy mandates the use of local staff. Our served markets are chock-full of wonderful, happy, dynamic people who love having a fresh chance at good jobs. We train them in the ‘Latitude style’ and methods ourselves. Moreover, we support our staff by sponsoring them and provide funding for their continuing education in the hospitality industry.


We aim to enhance local economies by utilising as much locally grown and made produce as possible - supporting independent growers.


Environmentally, we use solar water heaters to maintain our own water needs.  We’ve installed a mineral water system to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. We have a composting and recycling ethic.


 “Why bother?"  Simply because it’s the right thing to do.